Thursday, 6 December 2012


Hello dear. Today I want to write about love and friendship. I very keen to talk about love and friendship. why aa?hahaa. To let you know, some of my friend call me 'Dr. Love'.haha. But I not really bother about it bcoz I also still searching for my Love.hahaha. hrmmm..~

I have some experience about Love and friendship. They are different things but it can be connected to each other. Everyday and everynight we are searching for love. We do what we love, we pray for someone we love, we eat what we love and we try to ger closer to someOne we love isn't?haha.

feel the love~

What is friendship? Do we really need friendship other than love? hmmm...
Friendship is more to what we have around us. Why I said like that? We can't live in this world alone. we need to interact to people around us and all of them will develop the friendship.

Some of my friends pictures..^_^

my 5 year roomate~safin~

He fat but so cute~ wafiey~

 geng nuang~

Geng Mancing~

Geng Futsal~Pilihan ke-2~

 Geng Skolah Rendah~

Geng MRSM~

Geng Bedsite~anak penyu~

 Geng Rayer~hahahaha~

Back to the topic...^_^
How Love differ from the Friendship aa?
Friendship is kinda pure than the Love.. Friendship don't need you to be perfect. Friendship need what we have and what can we give to others. Our expectation also less from the friendship as it always been around us.
Then, how  about love? Love is just like give and take. We try to give our best in love and we aspect some kind of rewards from the love. It doesn't mean in term of money or material only, we also expecting for something that we cannot see, something that we can feel by heart such as appreciation, trustworthy and intimacy. Sometimes we don't need friendship to having Love, bcoz somehow we aspect more from someone we love. But, sometimes we only need friendship other than love. this is how we present to most of the people as we need expecting less from them and we give less attention to them..

HUURRMMM.. my Best Question is... When the Friendship become the Love and the Love become the Friendship??hahahahaaa...
I guest many of you want to know about this isn't it? Me too..hahaa..

For me, the Love become friendship is happen when we can put our trustworthy to someone and we are willing to do our best for them. By that time, we start to expect less from them, we can accept them as they are and feel comfortable to express our self to them. All we want is to see that they are happy around us and they also have the same feeling toward us. It just like key and lock, they are totally different but both of them are needed to complete each other..

THAt's all from me for today. Thank you for reading my random thought.haha. Stay Cool~ okey!! byebyee~

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